3 Ways a Cloud Phone System Can Save Your Budget

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As employees’ personal technology usage advances, demand for advanced technology in the business increases as well. Yet IT budgets all too often decrease. The gap between what IT can offer and what employees seek continues to widen.

Enter Cloud communications, which allows companies of any size to obtain phone and network possibilities that only big businesses used to be able to purchase. Even with advanced features, it can also introduce savings over your current communications budget.

Here are three of the biggest reasons a Cloud phone system could actually help save money and make IT a hero to both employees and the finance department:

1. No Costly Infrastructure:

Do you want to spend time and money maintaining an onsite communications system if it’s not necessary? With the Cloud, your communications system is protected in an offsite, hosted data center. Upgrades, maintenance, and oversight are taken away from your list of worries.

No costly infrastructure means no major capital expenditures, freeing money for other things on your company’s technology wish-list. Cloud communications can be billed as a monthly subscription service on an OpEx model.

If you have multiple locations, the savings can be even greater with a Cloud phone system. Instead of separate hardware or a PBX system in each branch office, all you need is your Internet connection.

2. Minimal Manpower:

Your IT deparment will not need to divest valuable time and energy into specialized telecom skills and management. They can manage your system as they manage any other cloud service.
Remote offices and workers can set up their own phones and take advantage of online training, saving valuable time for both your IT staff and employees.

3. Reduced Risk of Downtime

Good Cloud-based services are protected by multiple layers of hardware and software with redundant data centers to keep systems up and running. This means minimal downtime, unlike onsite PBX systems, which have limited failover options during a power outage, equipment failure, etc.

Cloud data centers are monitored constantly, so should an issue or shutdown occur, it can be addressed immediately.

Is your company struggling to bridge the gap between the features employees need to be productive and an ever-shrinking IT budget? Don’t overlook Cloud communications, one way to satisfy both sides.

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