4 Ways Customer Relationships Benefit from Hosted Phone Systems

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Every company likes having satisfied customers, and when a customer is thrilled enough to provide endorsements and good reviews, even better. A happy customer base does not happen by accident, though, and few know this better than your employees who interact with customers the most.

Giving customers the best experience involves more than just how your employees treat them, but also the tools used to interact with them. If your customers frequently experience dropped calls, service reps who can’t find available support and escalate, or other trouble connecting with your company, your competitors may start to appear more attractive.

Beat the Competition – Better Customer Experience from Your Phones

This is why your phone communications system is a crucial part of your customer service strategy. The benefits that the Cloud can bring to your communications system enable your employees to provide the best possible customer interactions and facilitate easy contacts.

Here are 4 benefits of a hosted phone system for helping customer relationships:

  1. High Availability at the core: Cloud providers can boast outstanding uptime for their services, e.g. trust.shoretel.com, as they work from enterprise-grade redundant and secure data centers at their cores. Compare this to onsite phone systems that risk failures of varying components in aging hardware. Dropped calls or fuzzy connections due to hardware problems don’t convey a professional image for your company.
  2. High Availability for the team: Cloud services are hosted in offsite data centers. This means your customer service lines can stay open for your employees to work at home or wherever they may be, in case the unexpected causes your physical office to be inaccessible. The full suite of office capabilities can still be open to your employees, and if necessary, you can set important messages for your customers to hear when they call as well.
  3. On-demand Customer Data: Many hosted phone systems are designed with the ability to integrate with CRM and business intelligence systems, allowing your employees to have a comprehensive view of customer information during a call. When this customer data is presented automatically as a call gets answered, the interaction between the customer and your employee can proceed even more quickly, saving valuable time for both customer and employee.
  4. Smart tools and collaboration: Contact center designs such as workgroups, hunt groups, and flexible call routing can reduce the amount of time customers wait until an agent is available to answer the call. Contact center collaboration tools also allow your employees to find the right resources for support more quickly or escalations.

Cloud communications is changing the way business today interact with their customers, optimizing the customer experience for mutual benefit. Is your company ready to explore the benefits a hosted phone system can offer?

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