Top 5 Advantages of CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service)

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Multi-channel, data driven communication is at the root of an optimal customer experience. As the business world moves toward digital transformation, organizations need to consider the integration of various communication channels. Which communication capabilities should you have? How should they work together?  Being able to provide a seamless, informed customer experience has always been critical, as the way you operate is just as important as the products and services you offer. 

This is where CPaaS comes in. Executing a Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) strategy enables you to customize the way you connect and engage with your audience, reaching them through the most relevant channels in real-time to maximize customer engagement.

Designed to deliver a well-integrated flow across businesses and processes, CPaaS is experiencing monumental growth and is expected to reach at least $10.9 billion by 2022. With this type of uptick, it’s safe to say that the CPaaS revolution is here, and Comstar is guiding the way. 

What is a CPaaS Platform?

You can think of a CPaaS platform as a cloud technology providing a platform that allows you to combine and design your business communication channels. With CPaaS, you can embed chat, video, and voice into your current applications to fully enrich your communication abilities. Basically, you can program your own front-end offerings, unify them, and eliminate the need for any standalone apps. For instance, you can say goodbye to Skype or any other messaging app. With CPaaS, customers talk directly to you through your very own, fully integrated chatbox. Just plug what you want into the backend CPaaS platform, and they will all blend seamlessly and conveniently into your customer-facing site or app.

Comstar Technologies offers 8×8’s CPaaS platform to integrate customized real-time communication capabilities using APIs (application programming interfaces). The 8×8 API portfolio is built on a single, secure, reliable platform designed to deliver the message to your customers, no matter their location, device or channel. You can individually add APIs to take on greater freedom and flexibility, developing your own client experience in the process.

How Can a CPaaS Platform Be Used?

Here’s just a taste of some of the many ways CPaaS can enhance your business: 

  • Combine text-based, call-based, and video-based customer support inquiries into the same application, so your service reps have a complete history of a customer’s communication history
  • Experiment with video integrations to offer tours or interviews in a new and exciting way
  • Offer text or voice chats in the same place that people set up appointments 
  • Create a system of fully organized schedules, reminders, notifications, and alerts for both an internal and external audience
  • Setup mobile payments with secure password systems and two-factor authentication
  • Create a presence in a local community by using geofencing and virtual phone numbers

As the first 8×8 Channel Partner to offer CPaaS, our team designs, deploys and supports your environment. But, before we explore the top 5 advantages of integrating a CPaaS platform, let’s take a look at a few key CPaaS functions that can be integrated into your communications suite:  

  • Chatbot messaging
  • Inbound call routing
  • Multimedia and video messaging
  • On-demand SIP trunking
  • Outbound voice calling
  • RCS Messaging
  • SMS Text messaging
  • Social media messaging (like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger)
  • WebRTC-based calling

Using a CPaaS platform is the perfect solution for an omnichannel approach. Engage customers on their own terms by offering all an immersive experience. Whether they are reaching out to you on a phone, tablet, computer, or in-person, all their preferred communication channels are fully available and seamlessly integrated. 


Without further ado, here are the top 5 advantages of enhancing your voice, video, and text applications to support and inform clients, leads, and internal staff better than ever with a CPaaS platform. 


1. CPaaS Platforms Are Flexible

With a CPaaS platform, you can pick and choose from a range of APIs without having to implement a completely new backend to your communication infrastructure. Build your own model by combining various new and existing features into exactly what you want. This model stands in contrast to UCaaS, which offers a single, new, out-of-the-box platform with an all-in-one approach to functionality. Both technology services are useful for communication and collaboration but deliver different types of experiences. If you want to develop a unique solution suited just for your situation, CPaaS is for you.

2. CPaaS Platforms Are Scalable

Because of its customizable versatility, CPaaS provides an essentially future-proof outlook. CPaaS platforms always enable progress and growth, never limiting it. Worried about your customers moving away from certain communication channels down the road? Worried about needing to scale up or down someday? With CPaaS, you can simply remove, add, or swap the features of your platform by adjusting the combination of APIs in your system, all at your own pace. Your communication system grows with you, step by step.

3. CPaaS Platforms Fully Integrate With all Other Systems

The term “single pane of glass” gets thrown around a lot these days, but with CPaaS, it’s the real deal. Tools like chatbots, CRM systems, and even supplier systems will be fully integrated with each other. Curious about the latest developments like AI integration, voice recognition, advanced analytics, machine learning, or automated translations? CPaaS empowers these technologies by giving you full access to the latest and greatest in communication technology.

4. CPaaS Platforms are Easily Implemented

Cloud-based CPaaS removes any difficulties around implementing new tools because they keep costs steady and hardware management simple. First, let’s look at hardware and service. Comstar will house all the infrastructure necessary to add new features, so you don’t need to. There’s no need to worry about designing or deploying any aspect of the solution, and if you want to change later, that part is just as easy. All users can access the new tools the same way they access the ones you have now, no sweat. The same goes for service. Top-notch technical support is available anytime, so you don’t need to worry about handling fixes or maintenance.  Finally, this is the perfect tool for companies aggressively operating in the merger and acquisition space.  Put the power of the API environment to use and simply bolt on third party platforms to more readily integrate new team members and business units.  

Moving toward CPaaS doesn’t need to be complicated. In fact, it can be just the opposite.

5. CPaaS Platforms Save Money

All of these amazing advantages aren’t accessible if they will break your bottom line. The great news is that adopting a CPaaS platform will actually be softer on your budgets than your current plan. Everything is cloud-based and offered as a service. Because you don’t need to invest in IT infrastructure, all the associated CapEx and labor headaches melt away with CPaaS. Instead, they are replaced by a simple monthly pricing model, so costs are both lower and steadier. Not only that, but you’ll only pay for the services you want so costs are more controlled. 


The Bottom Line

When you’re focussing on connecting to your customers, a CPaaS platform represents a powerful way to engage on your own terms. All your chosen channels are streamlined in one place so you can focus on providing great customer service. When CPaaS is flexible, scalable, versatile, easy, and cost-effective, what’s stopping you from enhancing your company’s communication and collaboration abilities?

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