Beat the Competition – Better Customer Experience From Your Phones

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Consider Your Competition

Most of us all have competitors; competitors who offer the same or similar products and service in our market. We have reasons we think our product is the best, but our competitors have reasons to think the same about theirs. Is it your product alone that makes your business stand out above the rest? In addition to the quality product and expertise, the competitor that delivers the better customer experience, now that’s the one who will stand above the others.

So many judgments are made against multiple types of businesses today before prospects even talk to someone. Online reviews, ratings, and referrals carry more weight than ever before. To deliver the customer experience that generates a snowball effect of customer praise and referrals, what are some ways to start?

Good Customer Experience Takes You Higher

To deliver the highest level of customer care, you and your staff need to be accessible, professional, and customer focused at all times, no matter where you are located. If that is your business model, is your phone system serving you like you serve your customers?

Use the handy checklist below to determine if your phone system gives your customers the experience they expect. Any items you cannot check off may indicate that your phone system could be acting as a restraint.If you are already considering whether your phone system could use some updates, you might enjoy this eBook with 5 ways to know.

Accessible, professional

  • Customers can reach your sales staff anytime, anywhere as incoming office calls can be answered on sales staff mobile phones.
  • Outbound calls look professional, coming from the main company number, even if your employees are calling from their smartphones.
  • Customer focus is enhanced by phone and CRM integration with Outlook to show the conversation history with your client.
  • Employee productivity is increased by merging call records with customer records, simplifying sales projections and staffing decisions

Employee productivity

  • Employees can set up meetings with customers in ways that are easy and intuitive through audio and web conferencing, regardless of where they are working. No complicated web portals and series of passwords
  • Employees can show when they are in the office, out of office, or in a meeting by using presence features so customers can be transferred to the best qualified available person.
  • Teamwork is a piece of cake with both voice and video calling, including screen sharing, especially when more than one employee is needed to assist in a customer support issue.

Cost effectiveness

  • Ongoing administration, such as adding a new employee is easy, not labor intensive
  • Local support is available to train your staff to use features that improve customer experience
  • You have the option, if you prefer, of outsourcing your phone system management to an experienced local company

How did you do? Depending on your responses, here are some things to think about.

  • If you scored 8, 9 or 10, Congrats! Your phone system is doing its part to help you provide a superior customer experience.
  • If you scored a 5, 6, or 7, well, there are probably some phone system features you could use to improve your customers’ experience and in turn your company’s positioning in the competitive marketplace.
  • If you scored less than 5, don’t fret. While it is definitely the time to look at phone system features for your staff be more accessible, professional and customer-focused, you have already taken good first steps by using this checklist to analyze your own business and what needs you must gain. Here are 5 other helpful introductory internal steps in this eBook, 5 Steps to a Successful Switchover.

You want your employees to be efficient, productive, and opening up customer satisfaction. Your phone system should help you do all that and boost your competitive advantage.