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Still Holding on to That Old Business Phone System?

It's the shirt that you just can't toss, even though your wife begs you to wear something else each time you put it on. It's the pair of shoes that you'll never throw away, even though they're beyond repair. Many of us have something that, for whatever sentimental reason, we refuse to part with it. Somehow, we can always esteem sort of value to it. In the world of business...
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Savings & Growth: How One Easy Telecom Change Can Drive Both

Business demands are constantly changing. Between employee fluctuation and seasonal changes, it's hard to not overspend on telecom. Analog technology or digital lines require additional wiring and installation if you want to scale and can quickly put a hole in your pocket. SIP trunking, on the other hand, has gained popularity over the years as a replacement to traditional 'hard lines' due to its ability to scale on-demand and deliver...
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The 3 Cs to Look for in a Business Phone System

The only thing that really matters about your business phone system is that it connects you with your callers, right? And so all it really needs to be is just a line item on an expense budget? The truth is, though, it can improve your bottom line and can be an extremely valuable asset. It is a tool for creating and building relationships as well as improving productivity. What impression...
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Hybrid Communications – The Best of Both Worlds?

The traditional voice to voice phone call is still respected as the one of the most effective ways to communicate in business. However, few if any businesses today evaluate new phone communications systems solely for the ability to make phone calls. Integration with email, messaging, conferencing applications, and more are requirements in phone system decisions so that users can communicate how they want, when they want, and on whichever device...
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Ensuring Disaster Recovery and Continuity with the Cloud

Your new promotional offer has been a huge success and your office is receiving the highest level of phone calls you've experienced in a long time. Your staff is returning new inquiries and customer calls as quickly as possible. But imagine if your phone system goes down mid-morning. It could be a utility worker mishap, a lightning storm, or something else unpredictable. The phone system instantly goes from a revenue...
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business phone system cloud phone system ucaas unified communications as a service

Choosing a Cloud Communications Provider? 3 Questions to Ask

As a cost-effective alternative to CapEx spending for on-site hardware, many businesses have been moving to the Cloud for their technology use. Especially for SMBs, the Cloud enables enterprise-level functionality without the associated price tag. 3 Ways a Cloud phone system can save your budget However, are all Cloud offerings the same? No, and with hundreds of Cloud providers out there, their ability levels vary tremendously. Choosing the right Cloud...
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