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business phone system cloud phone system disaster recovery phone outage

Ensuring Disaster Recovery and Continuity with the Cloud

Your new promotional offer has been a huge success and your office is receiving the highest level of phone calls you've experienced in a long time. Your staff is returning new inquiries and customer calls as quickly as possible. But imagine if your phone system goes down mid-morning. It could be a utility worker mishap, a lightning storm, or something else unpredictable. The phone system instantly goes from a revenue...
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business phone system cloud phone system ucaas unified communications as a service

Choosing a Cloud Communications Provider? 3 Questions to Ask

As a cost-effective alternative to CapEx spending for on-site hardware, many businesses have been moving to the Cloud for their technology use. Especially for SMBs, the Cloud enables enterprise-level functionality without the associated price tag. 3 Ways a Cloud phone system can save your budget However, are all Cloud offerings the same? No, and with hundreds of Cloud providers out there, their ability levels vary tremendously. Choosing the right Cloud...
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business phone system cloud phone system employee satisfaction remote workers

3 Best Practices for Employee Engagement with Collaboration Apps

Collaboration tools have helped companies function well beyond the four walls of their office, allowing employees to work anywhere and promote a virtual workforce. But what companies gain in expanded reach and productivity can sometimes be lost in employee engagement and personal relationships with your team. However, no matter what type of collaboration platform your company is using - housed onsite, cloud-based or a hybrid environment that combines both -...
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business phone system cloud phone system employee productivity small business ucaas unified communications as a service

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) and Small Business

Does it seem like employee expectations continue to rise when it comes to the business tools they use? And understandably so, as the technology in their personal lives improves and accumulates, it is natural to expect that the technology in business will be even better. SMBs, in particular, look to get the most use out of their technology. Many do not have their own IT staff, and some might not...
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business phone system cloud phone system customer service

4 Ways Customer Relationships Benefit from Hosted Phone Systems

Every company likes having satisfied customers, and when a customer is thrilled enough to provide endorsements and good reviews, even better. A happy customer base does not happen by accident, though, and few know this better than your employees who interact with customers the most. Giving customers the best experience involves more than just how your employees treat them, but also the tools used to interact with them. If your...
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business phone system cloud phone system employee productivity

What Impression Does Your Phone System Leave for Your Customers?

How much does your business rely on your phone communications system? Without a reliable phone system, how can the critical interaction between your employees and customers take place? This dependability is crucial for your business to grow and thrive. Consider some examples of how your phone communications system can work for your business, improving your customer service and interaction. Advanced features like "follow-me" allows your employees to receive calls even...
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