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Beat the Competition – Better Customer Experience From Your Phones

Consider Your Competition Most of us all have competitors; competitors who offer the same or similar products and service in our market. We have reasons we think our product is the best, but our competitors have reasons to think the same about theirs. Is it your product alone that makes your business stand out above the rest? In addition to the quality product and expertise, the competitor that delivers the...
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Why It Needs to Be in the Budget

Technology has changed the way our schools teach, the way our students learn, and the way our educators interact with the community. Equipment for wireless networking, audio/visual needs, and security all too often get nods for upgrades, but more frequently overlooked is the communication mainstay, the phone system. Understandably, budgets are tight. There just isn't always room for everything. But what arguments are there for the phone and communications network...
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Don’t Let Your Phone System Control You

You realize that your current phone system just does not cut it anymore for your security needs. So you do what any savvy IT professional or business administrator does - you research your options. You realize what's important is a system which will minimize disruptions to your office and integrate with your current custom applications, all at a reasonable cost. Most importantly, you want to be able to control how...
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Should I Choose a Cloud Phone System or On-Site?

To host or not host? To Cloud or not to Cloud? For business phone and communications, today's marketing sources overwhelmingly push hosted, or Cloud solutions, and the number of organizations using these rises each year. Likely you are already in some respects a Cloud technology user. If you currently use Google docs or Dropbox, or marketing portals like Mailchimp, Constant Contact, HubSpot, or, these are all Cloud-based services. So...
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Technology in Education – No More Snow Days?

Like many other students, I always got excited for the first couple winter storms each year, eagerly speculating if a "freebie" day off of school would come with it. I emphasize only the first couple winter storms, though. Why? When the snow days were used up, losing spring break or extra days in June cast a dramatically ominous shadow on the thought of another free day at home in winter....
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