Cloud Phone Systems Deliver Beyond Your Office Walls

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How many of your employees handle work-related tasks outside the office and/or beyond the famed 9-to-5 workday? Chances are they check in anywhere at anytime. But no matter what time and place they are working, they need the tools to complete their tasks and collaborate with coworkers or clients. Can this mobile functionality be provided without breaking the budget?

It can, thanks to services from the Cloud.

For example, with ShoreTel Connect Cloud, your company can have the full palette of communications – voice, video, unified communications, collaboration tools – all as a cloud service. Features like VoIP call control, instant messaging, audio and web conferencing, video calling and online meetings can all be controlled via a desk phone or mobile app. At home, in a coffee shop, in a hotel, at the airport, or the fun times when you are patiently waiting at the mechanic for your car – the full experience of your business phone system can be available almost anywhere.

Since ShoreTel Connect Cloud is delivered as a hosted cloud service, the cost falls much beneath that of a traditional onsite PBX system. Your communications costs are operational expenses, not capital. The Connect Cloud portal makes your user management of the service brilliantly simple.

Add to this the ability to integrate with leading CRM and process management systems like Salesforce, ACT! and Microsoft Dynamics, and ShoreTel Connect Cloud gets more out of your other business investments too. Need to know a customer’s history? Find it right at your fingertips with the Connect Cloud app and make better customer decisions, faster.

Worried about Cloud security? From the firewalls in ShoreTel’s data center to the encryption of the end-user desk phones, any one of our engineers will be happy to explain the security measures at each hop of the data journey.

If you’re looking for ways to enhance your customer experience while increasing your employee satisfaction and productivity without breaking the bank, cloud communications can deliver the right solution for you.

Do I need to improve on my customers’ experience when they call?

If you would like to discuss how a cloud phone system would work for your organization, email us at We can discuss your environment and develop the solution that makes the most sense for you.

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