Is Your Old PBX System Hindering Employee Satisfaction?

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More and more employees are willing to sacrifice the stability of a 9-to-5 schedule for the ability to work when they want (and often where they want) in seeking their work-life balance. The result? Often an increase in productivity and employee satisfaction, a win-win for companies and the workforce alike.

Does your PBX system allow for this flexibility? Or does it hinder your employees from greater productivity when they are working outside office walls? Can they have their office desk phone functionality on a cell phone or tablet? Can they collaborate with coworkers or access customer information quickly and easily?

If your current setup is a PBX phone system with a separate network collaboration tool, all without integration to your CRM, it means employees must maneuver multiple systems to do their job efficiently. Perhaps not the best recipe anymore for enhancing productivity.

To truly be productive both in and out of the office, a complete communications and collaboration system on one platform is needed. With the ability to work smarter and faster, employee satisfaction and thereby productivity will increase! This includes:

  • Delivering all business phone calling features to any device – PC, tablet, smartphone
  • Collaboration options, such as audio and video conferencing, instant messaging and online meetings, regardless of physical location
  • Customer information integrated to the communication apps, enabling richer customer contact experiences.

With most legacy PBX phone systems, employees are tethered to their desk, or forced to use their mobile phones, whether company-provided or not, when away from the office. Even at their desk, too, the PBX system does not offer the power of an integrated collaboration platform.

Besides the flexibility and scalability of a Cloud phone system, other benefits above a PBX system are:

  1. No large capital expense for a new system or major upgrade. 3 more ways a Cloud phone system can save your budget
  2. In the event of a natural disaster or unexpected event, the ability to get back online quickly.
  3. Little or no hassle for the IT department, as the system is hosted and managed offsite.

In today’s business environment, your workforce can be productive no matter where or when they work.

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