Navigating the Challenges of Remote Learning: A Unique Perspective From Melinda Ann O’Neill

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Navigating the Challenges of Remote Learning: A Unique Perspective From Melinda Ann O’Neill


Making an Impact Across Technology, Philanthropy, and Children’s Initiatives 

Recently, Comstar’s very own Senior Technology Sales Executive, Melinda Ann O’Neill was a featured panelist on JSA’s Virtual Roundtable titled “The ‘New Normal’: Effectively Facilitating Online Learning at Every Age.” During this timely event, panelists discussed overcoming the challenges facing schools as we continue to navigate education in the age of the pandemic. Melinda Ann was able to speak to Comstar’s revolutionary offerings and how they have allowed students across the country to continue their education at all stages despite the need to learn in a remote or hybrid environment. She, along with the other panelists, offered their insights as to how we can continue to advance these technologies and capabilities, and even how we can make these services more accessible to communities across the country.

Melinda Ann shared her own unique perspective on these issues, as she is surrounded by education in her own home with her husband serving as the Provost of a University and four of her seven children navigating online learning environments of their own. This offers her a 360 degree view of the issues facing this vertical, as well as hands-on experience that allows her to offer solutions she can be confident will benefit end-users. Melinda Ann inspired viewers with her thoughtful and thorough answers from questions about emerging technologies to schools and universities addressing connectivity issues. 


At the Forefront of Education’s Revolution 

When asked about emerging technologies, Melinda Ann took a unique approach and posited that a service rather than a product has been at the forefront of this revolution in education. She stated: “The product I saw truly emerge was consultation…we had so many people reach out [for this]. The world of consultation was the product that sparked a managed service.” She goes on to discuss schools seeking out use cases and examples to help them select the right offerings, which gave way to a conversation about providing connectivity across the board and obstacles that many low-income communities face in this regard. 


Inspiring the Next Generation 

Melinda Ann’s impressive performance on the Roundtable even inspired some newer industry professionals from JSA’s team, with Account Analyst Kate Robison stating, “I want to be Melinda Ann when I grow up! What an inspiration!!! She has an incredible story!” This could not be more true; Melinda Ann is an impressive woman who dedicates herself wholeheartedly to her career as well as to her work with various charities and causes close to her heart. She is involved in a number of organizations to give back to her community, including acting as a Mentor for the Vista Maria DREAM Program, where she helps at-risk youth find a path, a future plan, and a belief in caring people. She is even a living kidney donor and is a passionate advocate for organ donation.

As a recent addition to the Comstar team, Melinda Ann has been shining bright. In her short time with us, she has wowed us and our clients with her work ethic and determination to truly carry out Comstar’s mission of being trusted advisors to our customers. We recognize her and her accomplishments as a part of International Women’s Day 2021, and we are honored to have her as a part of the Comstar team along with many of the other inspiring women that we are fortunate enough to have as a part of our organization. 


You can watch the Virtual Roundtable session to see all of Melinda Ann’s insights here.