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We are a team of industry leaders with unrivaled technology experience and knowledge. We are driven by the idea that your business solutions should be delivered by a trusted partner. Comstar’s leadership team is dedicated to transforming organizations with the expertise needed to guide them in the right direction. Our leadership team has what it takes to meet your ever-evolving demands.

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Executive Team

David Johnson


As a part of the Comstar team for over 17 years, David Johnson has watched the organization blossom through countless milestones. His hard work as a Project Manager, Vice President of Infrastructure, and Chief Operating Officer contributed greatly in steering Comstar Technologies to where it is today, playing a major role in assembling the current team that is taking the organization to new heights. With a deep understanding of the entire company– from technician on up – David believes the drivers of Comstar success are creating great client relationships and forming great teams.

For David, personal and professional achievement come from a constant sequence of planning and adjusting – deciding on worthwhile objectives, creating a path to get there, and course-correcting whenever required. He attributes his success to simply loving what he does, doing those things well, and letting results speak for themselves.

David enjoys spending time with his supportive wife and three wonderful children.

Octavio Diaz

Chief Financial Officer

Octavio Diaz drives growth at Comstar Technologies with strategic leadership and an abundance of diverse experience. As a certified management and public accountant, he is well-versed in delivering strong financial results. On top of his financial acumen, Octavio brings a track record of developing and executing major business strategies with over 20 years of experience at the executive level and more than 10 years with a Fortune 500 company.

His career spans many industries and countries, where Octavio cemented his philosophy centering on learning from others and building strong, focused teams. This core belief served him well as he led teams through challenging circumstances like economic recessions, mergers, and ERP implementations. His reputation for leading teams that drive successful business transformations has led Octavio to manage projects like creating new business divisions, leading company turnarounds, and driving annual growth initiatives. As Comstar’s CFO, Octavio is constantly upgrading our organizational strength by finding ways to build value for all clients.

Octavio loves to travel, exercise, listen to audiobooks, and go for dinner with his wife and two children.

Warren D Reyburn IV

Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Warren comes to Comstar with well-established skills in sales growth, strategy, and organizational development. At Comstar, he has focused his first year on solution and partner development, public messaging needs and team growth. Under Warren’s watchful leadership, Comstar has achieved significant sales growth, including 60% year over year improvement in projected monthly recurring revenue sales.

Crediting his success to hard work, mentorship, and adaptability, Warren brings a wealth of experience in managing engineering, operations, sales, and customer experience environments. Calling on 18 years in the telecom industry, Warren founded his own consulting business, where he assisted carriers and retail companies in actualizing savings through operational efficiency initiatives and auditing services.

Warren understands that professional and personal development goals are often linked. A belief in the value of people and culture has led Warren to an approach where he seeks to provide a sense of community and belonging wherever possible – whether in the Comstar offices or with friends and family.

When he isn’t travelling the world, Warren lives with his wife and two sons and spends time watching his beloved soccer team, Liverpool.