[Roundtable Recap] Comstar Technologies’ SVP Warren Reyburn Discusses The Year Ahead in the World of Tech and Telecom

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[Roundtable Recap] Comstar Technologies’ SVP Warren Reyburn Discusses The Year Ahead in the World of Tech and Telecom

What will 2021 hold for the world of telecom? Our very own Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Warren Reyburn, recently weighed in on this very pressing question as a guest speaker during JSA’s Virtual Roundtable – Taking the Pulse of 2021: The State of Telecommunications Around the World. Several industry experts looked into their crystal balls to provide future insights as part of the panel, comprised of data center and telecom executives:

  •       Greg Pettine, Co-founder, EdgeMicro
  •       Jeremy Villalobos, Chief Operating Officer, GoldConnect
  •       Rosa White, CFO and Founder, DRFortress
  •       Vikal Kapoor, Founder, SevenTrainVentures

This prominent event was hosted by JSA’s Vice President of Account Strategy, Laura Noland, and industry veteran and Chief Editor of Telecom Ramblings, Robert Powell, moderated the impactful discussion. 

To catch the full roundtable, click here, or keep reading for the top highlights. 


Is 2021 The Year of 5G?

One pertinent area of focus during the discussion was 5G, and whether this will be the year that 5G networks go mainstream. All panelists were reluctant to say that 5G is around the corner. In White’s view, the customer market is ready for 5G’s increased bandwidth, and the advantages are ready to be monetized – but the infrastructure remains far away from being ready. Pettine concurred, predicting that significant 5G integration remains several years away. He explained that more than a million 4G towers still need to be replaced, not to mention the tall task of densification with small cells which is fraught with regulatory and logistical difficulties. 

For Reyburn, there are other obstacles at play: “The challenge really resides with more of the OEM side of the equation, with the equipment manufacturers. You’re seeing the responses now from Apple, Samsung, Cradlepoint for that matter with their new release on the 5G platform. As that acceptability of the edge increases, it’s going to translate to a more ready and available customer experience.”


New Year, New Cybersecurity Concerns 

Though the panelists saw a lot of positive tailwinds in the industry’s future, one area of concern shared by several speakers was cybersecurity. Kapoor noted that cybersecurity will be critical as services continue to extend to the edge, especially endpoint device management. He also believes that typical business hierarchies may be altered as CISO positions become more important and more senior. In his view, the demand for increased network and information security is increasing not only with large enterprises but smaller organizations too. White agreed and added that she sees an increase in attention to network security and cyber security for government and military networks as well. 

The increasingly interconnected nature of business software and hardware will continue to contribute to a heightened risk for cybersecurity breaches, according to Reyburn. “If it’s physical security and camera integrations with your local area networks, or UCaaS and IT with the interplay there – all of that creates different points of potential intrusion,” says Reyburn, “We have to be ready and vigilant, making sure that we’re preparing our customers accordingly”.

The conversation concluded with  specific predictions for the year ahead, including increased hybrid cloud adoption, a spike in merger and acquisition activity, and, most bold of all, a major streaming service buying or building their own wireless carrier. 


To learn about what the future holds for things like edge adoption, remote work, and private networks – including assessments regarding the long-term impact of the pandemic on tech and telecom  – check out the full conversation right here:

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