Audiovisual Services

Audiovisual Services by Comstar Technologies

Today’s modern work environment relies on strong teams and close collaboration. Technology plays a starring role in bringing people together to be more communicative and ultimately more productive. How does your shared space bring people together and improve engagement?

You have announcements, report presentations and meeting recordings. You have dispersed teams and remote workforces. You have multiple campuses and complex facilities. You’re looking for adaptable, flexible technology solutions to connect people and ideas. We know, because we’ve been helping businesses just like yours for over 30 years as their trusted advisor for standard or unique audiovisual services. We offer solutions for every room, space, and budget to bring your universe together in a communicative way, and we’ll be there every step of the way:

  • First, we’ll help with system drawings to map out how to best combine the right audiovisual services with your infrastructure.
  • Next, we’ll engineer an AV system based on your budget, space, and desired user experience.
  • Then, we’ll install all components professionally and precisely, down to the last mounting bracket.
  • Our experienced team will train you on the system and be on call via our stellar support department for any questions or issues you may have down the road.

Conference Room Audiovisual Services

Your conference room needs to be set up and ready to go at all times. Futzing with input cables and connectivity can be stressful and embarrassing when the big moment comes to wow the room. Ditch the different hardware configurations and multiple programs and embrace a seamless, one-touch activation to get groups connected and collaborating instantly. Whether you’re looking for a tabletop solution, a large video-conference space, or a multi-channel remote work platform, Comstar Technologies’ audiovisual services provide a path toward simple, open communication to work smarter. Monitors, microphones, cameras – they’re only useful if they help you call, present, collaborate in your space (or spaces).

Your conference room technology should also flow seamlessly into the other aspects of your business, whether you’re in the room, down the hall, or on your phone. Our conference room solutions integrate with your room scheduling, cloud or application based services, collaboration tools, network monitoring, device and space reporting, and security hardware and software so your business is connected for efficiency.

Classroom Audiovisual Services

Classrooms are changing. Gone are the days of chalk and overhead projectors. Optimize your learning space with technology that will enhance the experience of everyone involved regardless of your room configuration. In-person, educators can begin sessions with the touch of a screen, and learners can share information and projects by streaming straight from their device to the in-room display.

Of course, learning spaces are no longer just four-walled rooms. Distance learning and hybrid classrooms need to facilitate collaboration, interaction, and communication in real-time regardless of physical location. Let Comstar’s audiovisual services outfit your learning environment with dynamic technologies enabling videoconferencing, recording, streaming, and remote presenting from any location or device. We can even make your collaboration systems mobile to act as a shared resource. The lightweight collaboration-on-wheels system can travel and integrate with different communication systems from room to room.

Digital Signage

What message are you trying to share? Maybe you want to communicate an informational message or promote an upcoming event. Feature or demonstrate a product or service? Share a testimonial or review? How about wayfinding or streaming social media or TV feeds? Our constellation of audiovisual service options will have you covered, whether it’s a window display or a lobby screen wall.

Let our experts guide you through a sky full of creative visual structures engineered and customized to meet your needs and maximize impact. From large display, curved or tilted monitors, to cabinets, carts, and mounts, to motorized, retractable, and foldable monitors that slide into armrests of tabletops, ultra-bright solutions for seamless and vivid imagery in any light is only a call away. Your projection, video screen, or touch screen system will be outfitted with ultra-smooth processors, switchers, servers, and control systems to ensure sky-high ease of use and image quality.

Additional Custom Audiovisual Spaces Include:

  • Executive offices
  • Huddle rooms
  • Labs
  • Lobbies and common areas
  • Training rooms

Set your AV telescope on Comstar:

  • Audio conferencing, video conferencing, presentation systems
  • Integrate with existing collaboration tools like Cisco Webex, Zoom and Microsoft Teams
  • Top-tier products from: Samsung, Crestron, Biamp and more.
  • Mass notification systems, room schedulers, voting systems
  • Camera systems, amplifiers, portable speaker systems, wired speaker systems, control systems, wired and wireless inputs
  • Video screens, projectors, interactive whiteboards, video carts, touch screens
  • One-way microphones, omnichannel microphones, wireless personal microphones, conference phone systems

Maximize your AV Technologies

Contact Comstar to keep your team, departments, and systems informed and aligned by maximizing your AV technologies to facilitate a collaborative environment no matter your workplace configuration.