10 years ago, IT’s role in business was largely to keep everything functioning for the day-to-day business needs. Now, though, your IT department is part of business projections, goals, and development. Your IT group is tasked to design, test, and deploy applications that will keep your business ahead of your competitors and serve your customers according to their changing preferences. So how can your IT department juggle this innovation while managing the full-time responsibility to support the day-to-day business systems and processes?

This is where Managed Services steps in. Comstar will proactively monitor your key systems and components, providing peace of mind for your team. Your staff will be more available for strategic initiatives, and you will see long-term cost savings as a result of preventive maintenance, extending the life of your systems. Whether you need just a little assistance, an entire virtual IT department, or something in between, our Managed Services offering can be customized to fit your needs.

In order for you to manage your support costs more effectively, Comstar can combine any of the following services you need into a fixed monthly price:

  • Monitoring
    • Proactive monitoring of network devices (firewalls, switches, etc.) and servers with automatic alerts
    • Server availability
    • Proactive remediation of identified issues
    • Comprehensive oversight of your network ensuring it is at optimal performance
  • Patch Management
    • Management of Microsoft updates for servers and workstations
    • Automatic deployment
  • Support Desk
    • Remote assistance for all your computing needs
    • Full service help desk to give your employees the care they need
    • Dispatch from our field service team for any issues that cannot be resolved remotely
  • Network Management


When your network infrastructure is inadequate, all facets of your business can suffer. Setting up stable servers, storage, and computing hardware, though, will require skilled experts leveraging technology to meet both your current and future business needs.

Comstar provides network infrastructure design, installation, and maintenance across multi-vendor platforms. Solutions include:

  • Servers
  • Switches
  • Storage
  • Desktops
  • Virtualization
  • Routers
  • Backup
  • Email
  • Firewalls
  • Wireless


Keeping proprietary and private data secure is a top concern of companies around the world, both big and small. Yet, security threats continue to evolve as fast as the technology available to protect you from them. To stay on top of the latest threats, you need highly-trained technical professionals on your side.

Comstar works with you to create and implement a plan specifically for your business to protect against malware, intrusions, and other threats, from your web gateway down to each individual user endpoint. To keep your network safe, Comstar offers a range of solutions including:

  • Security Audits
  • Risk Assessments
  • Compliance Testing
  • Remediation


If you worry about where to start picking up the pieces if your business lost all its data, you’re not alone. A comprehensive backup and data recovery plan should be an integral, automated part of your internal processes. You need to have the confidence that your current data will survive in the event of a disaster or hardware crash.

However, backing up your data only to an in-house solution is no longer enough to protect your business. In the event of a hardware failure, natural disaster or other incident, you will need your data to have been stored in advance in a location other than your physical office. Comstar will not only design and implement a backup solution, but also monitor backup processes to be sure each job is completed successfully to our secure data center.

If the situation occurs that you need to revert to a data backup, Comstar is ready to perform the restoration. For business continuity, we can also keep replicated servers on standby for you along with rental servers and VPN licenses.

Backup. Restore. Recover.

View some examples of backup and restoration strategies here with one of our partners, Veeam.



Cloud services can provide you flexibility, cost reduction, data management, and peace of mind. How so? When you have on-demand access to cloud services, you eliminate the need for acquiring additional hardware and software. Further, in this age of mobile and remote workforces, the cloud means that your employees can access everything they need from any location.

Comstar’s cloud services include:

  • Anti-virus – Automatic updates are transparent to end-users, allowing your systems to stay current. Scans of users’ systems help to protect your network against malware.
  • Email – Exchange email without the management of on-site hardware and software. Access email, calendars, and contacts on any device. Software updates and patches are automatically deployed, reducing email management time.
  • Management of your wireless network – We host your wireless controller and manage your wireless network (WLAN, or WiFi) remotely. This service includes monitoring, configuration backup, firmware updates, and Comstar Advantage. Comstar Advantage provides replacement Wireless Access Points in the event of hardware failure. It also includes upgrades of existing Wireless Access Points when the manufacturer discontinues sales and support of it.
  • Hybrid wireless management – For customers who need less management assistance, Comstar offers a hybrid solution. This offers the best of both on-site equipment and cloud management. The wireless controller is on-site with a backup copy on Comstar’s network.
COVID-19 Business Update: Comstar Technologies is considered an essential business by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. We are continuing to support our customers both in the field and via remote support, 24x7. Those clients designated as essential businesses are eligible for dispatch and we remain committed to honoring our Service Level Agreements in place. We will be strictly adhering to the CDC guidelines to prevent COVID-19, to ensure the health and safety of our employees and customers. For assistance, please call us at 800-498-1206 orvisit our Contact Page.