Security Solutions for Your Business by Comstar Technologies

Comstar Technologies has the people, processes, and technology to guard your business against potential disasters. Our holistic security strategies combine all protection measures into one security business plan with a single deployment, billing and support Partner, Comstar.

Our state-of-the-art protection measures ensure your peace of mind. We start with system design and installation, follow through with testing and maintenance, and provide training for the smoothest commissioning of your security solutions. After implementation, you can continue to depend on us for service, support, and expert advice – everything you need to keep your residents, employees and/or client safe.

Access Control and Identity Management

Manage entry to any building, gate, floor, or room with a fob, ID card, smart card, or application. Integrate photo IDs with mobile credentials on your smartphone to make your access control fully mobile and fully digital. Integrate door schedules and manage permissions with both on-premise and cloud-based security solutions. You can also perform background checks on visitors in real time to avoid potential exposure to those entrusting their safety to your care. Watch lists, pre-authorization, visitor registration can also integrate into your lock and badge system. Our cloud integration offers remote management, analytics, storage and video surveillance integration for a holistic security solution.

  • Visitor management
  • Identity management
  • 24/7 Control
  • Integrated systems

Cloud-Based Video Security Solutions

Fully integrate your surveillance camera hardware with the most advanced video security system available. By connecting your cameras and sensors to a cloud-based secure platform, you can remotely manage your security solutions across buildings, networks, and teams. Sharing live footage, proactive alerts, and addressing incident response will never be smoother. Our partnerships with a variety of industry leaders means you can combine physical security components to access video that can be managed together in real-time with a seamless cloud-managed platform. You can also opt for AI-enabled features like heat maps, facial recognition, and advanced analytics and reporting.

  • CCTV
  • All camera formats
  • Easy video search and sharing
  • Full mobile functionality
  • Suppliers include industry leaders: Verkada, Brivo, Avigilon, Honeywell, Hanwah/Samsung
  • Scalability - Plug and play installation kits or professional deployment with Comstar
  • Automated firewall updates

Additional Security Solutions:

Building Automation and Controls

Today’s multi-tenant environments demand building automation tools and related preparation. For example, hospitality and entertainment spaces can benefit from remote management of guest access, kitchen monitoring, and utility management. Multi-family dwelling units and schools alike can conserve energy and associated spend, keep local populations safe and manage amenity and building access all through an application. Building automation in conjunction with a Comstar Cybersecurity package ensures these targets can be accessed efficiently and safely.

  • Smart Rent experience in the MFDU space
  • IoT overlays within the commercial sector
  • Insurance and regulatory compliance
  • Remote monitoring, management and response

Alarms and Alerts

Better arm yourself by partnering with Comstar to assist with rapid alarm response for intrusion, fire, temperature, water level, power loss, and system failure among other targets. Our managed security solutions team monitors all critical hardware and supporting software backed by SLA defined response intervals.

  • Equipment health checks and tampering prevention
  • Loss of power notifications
  • Cloud equipped visibility into your environment
  • 24x7x365 monitoring to address potential events

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