Still Holding on to That Old Business Phone System?

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It’s the shirt that you just can’t toss, even though your wife begs you to wear something else each time you put it on. It’s the pair of shoes that you’ll never throw away, even though they’re beyond repair. Many of us have something that, for whatever sentimental reason, we refuse to part with it. Somehow, we can always esteem sort of value to it. In the world of business too, we hold onto certain items as long as we can, not so much for sentimental reasons, but to avoid spending on something new. The business phone system is a case in point.

If the aging legacy phone system still works, many will question why they should upgrade to new technology which requires training and large implementation. It is true that a solid and unified phone communications system can be a substantial expense, but is this a good reason to delay the investment? One provider compared this thinking to using a horse and wagon to transport heavy items instead of a truck because ‘the horse and wagon work just fine’.

Consider this. How many business professionals do we know who juggle their business and personal lives over a basic flip phone of 10 years ago? How many feel they could still work efficiently on a Windows 2000 computer with only 64MB (we’re not even talking gigabytes) of RAM and a dinosaur tube monitor? We wouldn’t even think that we could argue advantages in productivity with those devices anymore. Similarly, with current business phone system technology, there is a solid basis to reason that comparable leaps of productivity are waiting to propel your business.

Today’s VoIP and unified communications solutions for businesses offer a number of key advantages that simply cannot be attained with an aging system. Call clarity, disaster recovery, integration with other business applications, and secure connectivity for mobile and remote employees are just some of the new and improved advantages at your finger tips. Forward-thinking companies are implementing innovative technology to build their teams and interact with their markets, so companies who don’t will be left behind.

Don’t wait until the old phone system is lifting it’s second foot into the grave. The benefits offered by new business phone systems will far outweigh the costs of implementing it. And no worries, you won’t have to give up the shirt or your favorite shoes either.