Support Escalation Process

)all (800) 498-1206, reference the ticket number and receive a status from the Comstar Support Center. 

If you feel the request has not been handled to your complete satisfaction and you need further assistance from Comstar management, follow the escalation list below:


First Level: 

Team Lead 

Richard Ketcham 

(610) 441-7640

Email Richard

If no reply after 30 minutes call 


Second Level:

Client Support Service Manager 

Kevin Green 

(215) 896-6544 

Email Kevin

If no reply after an additional 30-minute call 


Third Level:

 Director of Client Support Services  

Kris McMenamin 

(267) 212-3992 

Email Kris


Fourth Level

SVP Sales & Marketing

Warren Reyburn


Email Warren


 July 2021