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Sam Mitchell brings more than two decades of business advisory experience to his role as Senior Director of Sales at Comstar, where he uses his extensive knowledge to match clients with innovative technology solutions. Throughout his career, Sam has worn many hats, including senior technology strategist, vice president of business development and even managing partner of a boutique software design and development consultancy he co-founded.

With extensive experience in revenue growth, sales strategy, service creation and infrastructure design and upkeep, Sam brings a keen technical eye to his consultancy work. Among his greatest accomplishments, Sam counts his role in leading his previous company to 220% revenue growth, the creation of mobile applications for the largest healthcare system in Virginia and numerous multimillion-dollar opportunities for federal and Fortune 1000 organizations.

Sam holds dual citizenship in the United States and the United Kingdom and has a passion for building relationships between the two countries through his work. To this end, Sam has been an active member of the British American Business Association and served on the board of EnvoyWest, a specialty organization driving UK business to US funding and market entry.

When he’s not sidelined due to an injury (fortunately a rare occurrence), you can find Sam tearing up the soccer field or representing the British Embassy at cricket.