The 3 Cs to Look for in a Business Phone System

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The only thing that really matters about your business phone system is that it connects you with your callers, right? And so all it really needs to be is just a line item on an expense budget?

The truth is, though, it can improve your bottom line and can be an extremely valuable asset. It is a tool for creating and building relationships as well as improving productivity.

What impression does your phone system leave for your customers?

When choosing a phone system for your company, look for the three Cs: communication, collaboration, and control.

Communication: It’s not just dial tone or voicemail. Enhance the user experience with the ability to escalate into conference calls on demand, voicemail to email, interactive voice response, and personalized call handling. Integration with third-party systems, such as CRMs, can provide a more efficient and superior customer experience as well.

Regardless of the features you value most, though, the system must be simple to operate. If it is not simple, then you may find yourself just trying to squeeze out the minimum benefits.

Collaboration: Instant messaging, web and audio conferencing, peer-to-peer video chat, desktop sharing and file transfer capabilities can all boost your employees’ productivity as a seamless part of the communication experience.

Control: Whether you wish to keep full control of the system, have no control at all, or balance somewhere in the middle, you can find a system that will suit your preference. A cloud system can put all management responsibility on the service provider. An onsite system, however, can keep the control all in your court. A hybrid system can give you some control with your core onsite, but leave the management of added features from the cloud to your provider.

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How to Determine Your Best Fit (Compliments of our partner, ShoreTel)

If your current business phone system is missing one of the three Cs, now is the time to see how a new system can help improve your bottom line.