Top 3 Reasons to Migrate to a Cloud-Based Unified Communications Platform

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Top 3 Reasons to Migrate to a Cloud-Based Unified Communications Platform


The business world is becoming more dynamic and digital by the second. For the average employee, more communication channels than ever bring all types of information past his or her (virtual) desk every day. As more and more of these channels become internet-based, the future of business is moving upward toward the cloud, and cloud-based unified communications platforms are leading the way. 

Even for organizations with smart on-premises Unified Communications (UC) programs, cloud-based UC enables a better way to manage and monitor the communication system. In addition, cloud-based UC platforms meet today’s demands creating a better way to collaborate, communicate, meet, socialize, and more. So, what are the top benefits of moving your in-house infrastructure to the cloud? Here are three key considerations: flexibility, accessibility, and fiscal sensibility. 

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1. Cloud UC Scalability

How adaptable is your UC system to changes in the organization? On-premise can sometimes mean limited or inflexible infrastructure with capacity limits. In three or four years, who knows how many users you’ll have. You may even have entirely new locations. As a business evolves, rigid on-premise hardware may not keep up. Moving your on-premise UC to the cloud enables you to add or subtract users in an instant without touching your IT infrastructure.

The on-demand elasticity you gain with cloud-based UCaaS can even be applied on a small scale. For instance, you could increase or decrease your IT resources throughout the year. Scale-up for peak seasons or other spikes in usage, and scale back down when the infrastructure isn’t needed. Cloud-based UCaaS remains stable the entire way.


2. Cloud UC Accessibility

Moving your on-prem UC to the cloud translates to full availability from any online device. As multiple locations and geographically dispersed employees become increasingly more common, making UC as portable as possible is crucial for many organizations. With cloud-based platforms, all you need is an internet connection for a consistent user experience, regardless of where your team members are located. You can even be on the go and utilize the same robust communication tools and features as you would at headquarters from any location or device. Share documents, have video chats, read email, and hold virtual meetings from a hotel, airport, or Uber. When you don’t need to be onsite to make things happen, an organization of any size can go global.

With the rise of remote work, the supreme accessibility provided by the cloud makes it possible for employees to maintain full productivity at home or any other location. Users can stay connected and supported with work apps and files in a work-from-home scenario that on-prem systems simply cannot provide.


3. Cloud UC Finances

Beyond the functional benefits, transferring to a cloud-based UCaaS setup also makes more sense for your bottom line. Because cloud communications are provided as-a-service, your business can completely remove the capital expenditure costs tied up in hardware and physical infrastructure. These costs can be not only large, but tricky. Beyond the purchasing process, the depreciation must be recalculated on an ongoing basis, not to mention the costs associated with managing, maintaining, and upgrading all the boxes and devices.

Reducing capital costs by switching to a cloud-based UCaaS platform can mean budget savings and fewer headaches. By placing less reliance on investing in hardware, the responsibility of managing the overhead is transferred to experts elsewhere so that you can concentrate on the core aspects of your business. Plus, your billing cycles become more predictable, so your budgets become more accurate, contributing to more control over your cost allocations in general.


Cloud Unified Communications-as-a-Service

Now that we’ve reviewed some of the top advantages of moving to cloud-based UC, your mind might be moving toward the next steps. And, though the advantages seem apparent, you may be intimidated by the idea of migrating your business communications smoothly. Is my current network optimized for the cloud? Will everything integrate? Will there be disruptions? Should I consider a hybrid solution? What about security considerations? At this juncture, it’s important to find a technology partner you can trust who will provide sound guidance every step of the way. 

At Comstar, our 30 years of experience and consultative approach will ensure all your questions have been answered and all aspects have been considered. We’ll seek to understand your business needs inside and out so we can design a custom solution that fits your business like an IT glove. Not only that, but we’ll seamlessly install and implement it too. Afterward, we’ll always monitor your system for any required updating and troubleshooting, so your cloud UC experience is smooth and supported at all times. What are you waiting for?

To learn more about how Comstar’s cloud-based UCaaS solutions can work for you, reach out for a complimentary consultation.