What Impression Does Your Phone System Leave for Your Customers?

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How much does your business rely on your phone communications system? Without a reliable phone system, how can the critical interaction between your employees and customers take place? This dependability is crucial for your business to grow and thrive.

Consider some examples of how your phone communications system can work for your business, improving your customer service and interaction. Advanced features like “follow-me” allows your employees to receive calls even when they are not sitting at their desk. Can your employees collaborate with colleagues at the touch of a button, getting instant support for customers waiting on the line? Can employees receive account information during calls to close more sales and minimize any delay in the customer service experience?

Beat Your Competition with a Better Customer Experience

Your communications system plays a huge role in the impression callers get about your business. You don’t want an unreliable, basic phone system to create a less than desirable image. When customers want answers immediately, simply having voicemail or guaranteeing a callback is not enough for top-notch service.

Thankfully today, small businesses can have enterprise level communications and collaboration abilities at an SMB price point. ShoreTel Connect can fully integrate and streamline access to all the best communication tools on the same platform, not juggling multiple apps and windows with different logins. These tools include:

  • Voice over IP
  • Video Calls
  • Instant Messaging
  • Desktop and Web Sharing
  • Audio Conferencing

ShoreTel Connect is available to you as a Cloud system, on-site, or hybrid deployment according to your company’s needs.

Connect ONSITE: Have your own in-house IT department to manage keep control of the system? Onsite is the perfect solution for your environment. You will have greater control over integrating your business applications such as your CRM and business intelligence. Perform upgrades according to your own needs and convenience.

Connect CLOUD: If you do not have an on-site IT department, want to simplify your IT department’s demands, or want the flexibility to support a larger number of offsite employees, Connect CLOUD may be the best fit. As a hosted solution, your maintenance costs are reduced and usage is paid on a monthly subscription basis, no capital expense. Your employees have access to the advanced business features wherever they work.

Connect HYBRID: If you have virtual or satellite offices tied into your headquarters, HYBRID can unite your locations into one single system. Some offices can be supported by an onsite system, and others from the Cloud, and yet all locations can interact with the same apps as if one system. This allows you to better distribute IT workload and leverage investments in the amount of onsite equipment you want to manage.

Make sure your phone communications system conveys the right image to your customers, and empower your employees to collaborate better, providing the best customer experience.

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